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COREvantage Fitness

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CORE Strength

This signature weight training class uses hand weights and your body weight to strengthen and sculpt all muscle groups. You will be challenged throughout the class to use your core muscles. Variations include but not limited to strictly strength training, strength/cardio combination that alternates strength training exercises with cardio training to sculpt every major muscle group. This truly balanced workout will get your heart pumping. Variety is the key.


This class consists of intervals and circuits of CORE/AB drills and Major muscle work. Variations include but not limited to stabilization exercises (Tired of doing the same basic crunches and sit-ups? This variety of stabilization exercises are designed to work your entire abdominal area. You will build muscles you never even knew you had, while developing core strength that will support you in a wide variety of activities) and light hand weight exercises done from different plank positions. Use of light hand weights guarantees you will burn calories while giving your muscles a great workout. Variety is the key.


CV stands for COREvantage

22 minutes. The workout is short (time sensitive) and intense; 22 minutes.

A different workout every time.

Push at your max effort.  Be consistent! Hiit your workout every Tuesday and Thursday to see amazing results. Train with friends & family. Doing the workouts in a group will help keep you motivated!

Boot Camp

The Body Boot Camp class is a group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. This boot camp is designed to be a fun way to workout with family and friends. You will be challenged and encouraged to work hard.

The class will include these activities and many more: sprints, pushups, various forms of plyometric exercises, interval training, squats, lunges, squat thrusts, burpees, core strength, team competitions, partner exercises and obstacle courses.


Class Prices

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